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Exploring the ribbon
Figure 2-7 Rest the pointer on a dialog box launcher for an explanation of its function; click it to
open the corresponding dialog box.
Sometimes dialog box launchers actually launch dialog boxes, as shown in Figure 2-7; other
times, clicking the dialog box launcher displays a task pane on the side of the window, as
shown in Figure 2-8. In the latter case, the dialog box launcher acts as a toggle—that is,
clicking it opens the task pane, and clicking it again closes the task pane.
Another way to access advanced options relegated to dialog boxes is to look for commands
sporting an ellipsis (…) at the bottom of menus and galleries. For example, at the bottom of
the Number Format drop-down list shown in Figure 2-6 is a command called More
Number Formats. Just as you can with the dialog box launcher, you can click this command to
display the Format Cells dialog box. As was the case in previous versions of Excel, an ellipsis
adjacent to the name of a command indicates that clicking that command displays a dialog
box with additional options rather than immediately issuing the command.
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