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Working with formulas
as you select different cells in the worksheet. For example, if you select cell C3 and display
the Name Manager dialog box, =Sheet2:Sheet13!C3 appears in the Refers To text box.
For more information on three-dimensional references, see “Creating three-dimensional
formulas” later in this chapter.
Inserting names in formulas
After you define one or more names in your worksheet, you can insert those names in
formulas by using one of several methods. First, if you know at least the first letter of the
name you want to use, you can simply start typing to display the Formula AutoComplete
drop-down list containing all the names beginning with that letter (along with any built-in
functions that begin with that letter), as shown in Figure 12-15. To enter one of the names
in your formula, double-click it.
Figure 12-15 Names you define appear in the Formula AutoComplete list when you type a
For more information, see “Using Formula AutoComplete” earlier in this chapter.
You can also find a list of all the names relevant to the current worksheet when you click
the Use In Formula button on the Formulas tab, which you can click while you’re in the
process of entering a formula, as shown in Figure 12-16.
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