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Working with formulas
Clicking the Paste Names command at the bottom of the Use In Formula menu displays the
Paste Name dialog box shown in Figure 12-17. If you do this in Edit mode (while you are
editing in a cell, as in Figure 12-16), the dialog box appears as shown in Figure 12-17.
Figure 12-16 Click the Use In Formula button, and then select a name to enter it in the selected
Figure 12-17 The Paste Name dialog box does the same job as the Use In Formula menu.
Creating a list of names
In large worksheet models, it’s easy to accumulate a long list of defined names. To keep a
record of all the names used, you can paste a list of defined names in your worksheet by
clicking Paste List in the Paste Name dialog box, as shown in Figure 12-18. (When you open
the Paste Name dialog box, the Paste List button is visible only if you are in Ready mode,
not Edit mode. You cannot be editing a cell, as shown in Figure 12-16, when you click the
Paste Names command.) Excel pastes the list in your worksheet beginning at the active cell.
Worksheet-only names appear in the list only when you click Paste List on the worksheet
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