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Exploring the ribbon
Figure 2-8 Clicking some dialog box launchers causes a task pane to open, docked to the left or
the right of the worksheet.
Galleries and live preview
The concept of galleries goes way back. The idea is to provide a visual clue about what’s
going to happen when you click something, besides just the name of a command or
button. Microsoft has done this with fonts for some time now. When you click the Font menu
or drop-down list, each font name appears in its own font. Excel 2013 includes a bunch of
other galleries that provide similar visuals and adds nifty functionality called live preview .
Taking the same example one step further, Figure 2-9 shows the Font drop-down list
displaying the available fonts in situ. With live preview, you simply rest the pointer on the
font name to momentarily cause selected cells to display that font. (In the figure, the entire
worksheet is selected.) Helpfully, the selection highlight temporarily disappears while you
are previewing fonts.
As you can see in Figure 2-9, Berlin Sans FB Demi is perhaps a questionable choice for a
table of sales totals, but it’s easy to get a look at a lot of options this way. And helpfully,
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