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Exploring the ribbon
although you need to select the cells you want to format, the selection highlight goes away
temporarily while you are live-previewing. The cell contents are not affected; this is simply
a way to visualize what would happen if you actually commit by clicking. Have some fun
by dragging the pointer up and down the list of fonts, and watch the cell contents change
almost as fast as you can drag.
Figure 2-9 Not only are font names displayed in their respective fonts in the drop-down list, but
simply resting the pointer on a font name temporarily displays that font in selected cells. (All cells
are selected here.)
Not all of the seemingly gallery-like items on the ribbon exhibit live preview behavior.
For example, you might think the Number Format drop-down list would be an
excellent application of live preview, but it doesn’t work that way. As we explain features in
detail throughout the topic, we’ll point out any live preview opportunities.
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