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Calculating part of a formula
Figure 12-27 The Formulas category in the Excel Options dialog box controls worksheet
calculation and iteration.
Multithreaded calculation
If you have a computer with a multicore processor, perhaps with additional
hyperthreading, Excel takes full advantage of the additional power by dividing the workload
among available processors. Click the File tab, Options, Advanced category, and look in
the Formulas area. Excel automatically detects additional processors and displays the
total number adjacent to the Use All Processors On This Computer option. The number
of processors also appears in the status bar next to the word Calculating , if you have
enough formulas to slow the calculation process sufficiently for it to appear. You can
turn this option off to reserve some of your computer’s processing bandwidth for other
programs you need to run simultaneously.
Calculating part of a formula
You might want to see the result of just one part of a complex formula if, for example, you
are tracking down a discrepancy. To change only part of a formula to a value, select the
part you want to change and press F9. You also can use this technique to change selected
cell references in formulas to their values. Figure 12-28 shows an example.
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