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Working with circular references
If you’re just verifying your figures, press the Esc key to discard the edited formula.
Otherwise, if you press Enter, you replace the selected portion of the formula.
Figure 12-28 Select any part of a formula, and press F9 to convert it to its resulting value.
You also can click the Evaluate Formula button on the Formulas tab to troubleshoot
your workbook models. For more information, see “Evaluating and auditing formulas”
in Chapter 8.
Working with circular references
A circular reference is a formula that depends on its own value. The most obvious type is a
formula that contains a reference to the same cell in which it’s entered. For example, if you
type =C1-A1 in cell A1, Excel displays the error message shown in Figure 12-29. After you
click OK, Excel opens the Help dialog box, which displays a pertinent topic.
Figure 12-29 This error message appears when you attempt to enter a formula that contains a
circular reference.
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