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Exploring the ribbon
The omnipotent Excel Options dialog box
The dialog box that opens when you click the File tab and then click Options is
probably the most important dialog box in Excel. The Excel Options dialog box controls
nearly every aspect of Excel, including general settings such as how many sheets
appear in a default workbook and the name and point size of the default font:
You’ll see little i (for information) icons adjacent to many of the items shown in the
dialog box; rest the pointer on them to display ScreenTips. The Excel Options dialog
box also provides special settings for default file-saving formats, worksheet-level and
workbook-level display settings, and many other hard-to-classify options. If you take a
moment to click each category on the left side of the dialog box and look through the
options available, you’ll get an idea of the scope of the program as well as the degree
of control you have over your workspace. If you’re unsure about what a particular
setting or option does, simply click the Help button (the question mark icon) in the title
bar of the dialog box to open the Help system.
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