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Single-cell array formulas
Figure 12-33 We used a two-dimensional array formula in B10:E14 to compute the rank of each
exam score. A similar one-dimensional array appears in F10:F14.
Single-cell array formulas
You can perform calculations on a vast collection of values within a single cell by using an
array formula that produces a single value as a result. For example, you can create a simple
single-cell array formula to multiply the values in a range of cells by the values in an
adjacent range, as shown in Figure 12-34.
Figure 12-34 To calculate total wages paid, we used a single-cell array formula in B2 to multiply
hours worked by wages due for each employee individually.
In the example shown in Figure 12-34, you must enter the formula as an array formula (by
pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter); entering it as a regular formula results in a #VALUE error. Our
example shows a tiny worksheet, but an array formula like this can make fast work of giant
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