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Opening a dependent workbook
Figure 12-37 Use the Edit Links dialog box to manage all your external links.
Opening a dependent workbook
When you save a workbook that contains dependent formulas, Excel stores the most recent
results of those formulas. If you open and edit the supporting workbook after closing the
dependent workbook, the values of edited cells in the supporting workbook might be
different. When you open the dependent workbook again, the workbook contains the old
values of the external references in the dependent formulas, and Excel displays a security
warning, alerting you that automatic links are present. If you click the Update button, Excel
searches for the supporting workbook. If it finds the workbook, Excel does not open it, but
reads the supporting values and updates the dependent formulas in the dependent
workbook. However, If Excel can’t find the supporting workbook, it displays the error message
shown in Figure 12-36, because the file referred to in the formula (Book1) no longer exists.
Click the Edit Links button to display the dialog box shown in Figure 12-37.
Editing links
You can open supporting workbooks, as well as specify different supporting workbooks,
when you click the Edit Links button, located in the Connections group on the Data tab on
the ribbon. When you do so, you’ll see a dialog box like the one shown in Figure 12-37.
Here is some helpful information about using the Edit Links dialog box:
An A in the Update column indicates a link that is updated automatically.
An M in the Update column indicates a manual link that isn’t updated until you click
Update Values.
Click Open Source to open the supporting workbook.
Click Change Source to select a different supporting workbook.
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