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Chapter 13: Using functions
Function ScreenTips These little pop-up descriptions appear below selected
formulas. They are useful if you need more information about the syntax of a function
as you type a formula; you can get help without even leaving the cell. After you type
the required open parenthesis following any valid function name, the appropriate
ScreenTip appears, as shown in Figure 13-4. The ScreenTip shows you the correct
function syntax and any available alternate versions of the function (also shown in
Figure 13-4). You can also click the function name in the ScreenTip to display the
relevant topic from the Help system. If you click an argument name in the ScreenTip,
the corresponding section of the formula is highlighted for you, making it easy to
identify each argument. As shown in Figure 13-4, we clicked the row_num argument
in the ScreenTip, resulting in the selection of the entire MATCH function (which
calculates the row number) in the formula.
Figure 13-4 Click an argument name in the function ScreenTip that appears when you
click an existing function to highlight the corresponding argument in the cell.
To turn off function ScreenTips, click the File tab, click Options, select the
Advanced category, and then in the Display area clear the Show Function
ScreenTips check box.
Formula AutoComplete As you type a formula, Excel provides pop-up lists that
offer function names and defined names that match the letters you are typing in
the formula. For example, if you type =S in a cell, Excel displays a scrolling list of all
functions (and defined names, if any) that begin with the letter S, which you can then
double-click to insert in your formula.
For details, see “Using Formula AutoComplete” and “Naming cells and cell ranges,”
both in Chapter 12, “Building formulas.”
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