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Inserting functions
Figure 13-5 Ask a question in the Search text box, and Excel suggests some functions you
can try.
When you select a function and click OK, Excel enters an equal sign to start a formula in the
active cell, inserts the function name and a set of parentheses, and displays the Function
Arguments dialog box, shown in Figure 13-3. The Function Arguments dialog box contains
one text box for each argument of the selected function. If the function accepts a variable
number of arguments (such as SUM), the dialog box gets bigger as you type additional
arguments. A description of the argument whose text box currently contains the insertion
point appears near the bottom of the dialog box. To the right of each argument text box,
a display area shows the current value of the argument. This display is handy when you
are using references or defined names because the value of each argument is calculated
for you. The current value of the function (Formula Result) appears at the bottom of the
dialog box.
Some functions, such as INDEX, have more than one form. When you select such a function
from the Insert Function dialog box, Excel presents the Select Arguments dialog box, shown
in Figure 13-6, in which you select the form you want to use.
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