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Inserting functions
Figure 13-6 If a function has more than one form, the Select Arguments dialog box appears.
You can also use the Function Library group on the Formulas tab on the ribbon to insert
functions. Each of the categories listed in the Insert Function dialog box has a button or
menu in the Function Library group. For example, clicking the More Functions button
reveals a menu containing additional categories of functions, as shown in Figure 13-7.
When you click one of the functions listed on any of these menus, Excel inserts the selected
function in the formula bar, and the Function Arguments dialog box appears.
Figure 13-7 The Function Library group on the Formulas tab provides direct access to the
built-in functions in Excel.
I get a #NAME? error
You might get the #NAME? error for a few reasons, but one of the more common ones
is that you typed the function name incorrectly. Here’s a good habit to acquire if you
type functions: use lowercase letters. When you press Enter, Excel converts the name of
the function to uppercase letters if you typed it correctly. If the letters don’t change to
uppercase, you probably typed the name of the function incorrectly. If you’re not sure
of the exact name or if you continue to get an error, perhaps it’s time to consult Help or
use the Insert Function dialog box.
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