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Inserting references and names
Inserting references and names
As you can with any other formula, you can insert cell references and defined names into
your functions easily by using the mouse. For example, to enter a function in cell C11 that
averages the cells in the range C2:C10, select cell C11, type =average( , and then select the
range C2:C10. A marquee appears around the selected cells, and a reference to the selected
range appears in the formula. Then type the closing parenthesis. If you define named
ranges, constants, or formulas in your worksheets, you can insert them in your formulas.
To do this, click the Formulas tab, click the Use In Formula button in the Defined Names
group, and then select the name you want to use. When you click the name, it appears at
the insertion point in the formula.
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