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Accessing commands with the keyboard
Accessing commands with the keyboard
When you press the Alt key, Excel activates keyboard command mode and displays little
pop-up labels adjacent to each tab and toolbar button, as shown at the top of Figure 2-12.
Figure 2-12 Press the Alt key to activate keyboard command mode and display pop-up labels
showing you the keys you can press to activate the respective tab, button, or command.
For example, after you press the Alt key to activate the pop-up labels, you can press the
N key to display the Insert tab and add pop-up labels to the commands it contains. Then,
press the H key—the pop-up letter adjacent to the Hyperlink button—to display the Insert
Hyperlink dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-12. So, instead of reaching for the mouse, simply
pressing Alt, N, H gets you there. This makes for extremely fast command access after you
learn the right keys for tasks you do often.
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