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The joy of shortcut menus
Keyboard command activation options
You can use the slash (/) key just like the Alt key to access the Excel command structure.
But you can alternatively set a different key to activate menus. Click the File tab, click
Options, select the Advanced category, scroll way down to the Lotus Compatibility
options, and then type a different character in the Microsoft Excel Menu Key text box.
The joy of shortcut menus
Shortcut menus contain only those commands that apply to the item indicated by the
position of the pointer when you activate the menu. Shortcut menus provide a handy way to
access the commands most likely to be useful at the pointer’s location and to help
minimize mouse movements (which are hard on wrists!).
To access a shortcut menu, right-click. The menu opens adjacent to the pointer, as shown in
Figure 2-13.
Figure 2-13 Right-clicking almost anywhere displays a shortcut menu with pertinent commands.
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