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Using the Quick Analysis tool
Shortcut menus can contain many combinations of commands, depending on the position
of the pointer and the type of worksheet. For example, if you display a shortcut menu when
the pointer is on a cell rather than a column heading, some of the commands change to
ones specific to cells rather than columns.
Belly up to the mini-bar
A small floating toolbar opens along with the shortcut menu whenever the selected
object might contain any kind of text, as you can see in Figure 2-13. You can control
whether the Mini toolbar appears by using the Excel Options dialog box. Click the File
tab, and click Options. Then, in the General category, select or clear the Show Mini
Toolbar On Selection check box.
Using the Quick Analysis tool
The top 2013 addition to the Excel cavalcade of context-sensitivity is the Quick Analysis
tool, which pops up in the lower-right corner of the selected range any time you select
more than one non-empty cell. The Quick Analysis tool takes some of the most
sophisticated features of Excel and puts them right near the action. One reason this is helpful is
that, often, menus and palettes on the ribbon drop down and obscure the cells you are
trying to format. Putting the Quick Analysis tool in the lower-right corner of the range
allows you to position the selection on the screen so that you can see more of the cells you
are modifying. For example, in Figure 2-14, we selected the totals in cells B4:E15, scrolled
the worksheet down a bit to allow room below the table, and clicked the Quick Analysis
tool. Resting the mouse pointer over any icon displays a live preview.
The Quick Analysis tool is like a mini-ribbon; across the top are categories (tabs) you click
to reveal different sets of icons. The type of data you select determines the tools that
are active and available for application. You can use the Quick Analysis tool to apply and
remove formatting, insert formulas and tables, create charts and PivotTables, and more.
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