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Formatting dates and times
When you use the ill handle to extend the value in a single selected cell, Excel assumes
you want to increment the numeric value in each cell. (If you want to copy the cell instead,
hold down Ctrl while dragging the ill handle.) Notice in Figure 15-3 that the entries in
rows 7 through 11 contain text values. AutoFill recognizes text entries for days and months
and extends them as though they were numeric values. In addition, when a cell contains a
mixed text and numeric entry (as in row 10), AutoFill copies the text portion if it’s not the
name of a month or day and extends the numeric portion if it occurs at either end of the
Formatting dates and times
After you type a date or time in a cell, you can use the Number Format drop-down list on
the Home tab on the ribbon to change its format to one of the popular date and time
formats, or you can click More Number Formats at the bottom of the list to select any of the
built-in formats. In the Format Cells dialog box, select the Date or Time category to display
the list of available formats in the Type box on the right. A preview of the format appears in
the Sample box in the upper-right corner, as shown in Figure 15-4.
Figure 15-4 Use the Number tab in the Format Cells dialog box to apply date and time formats
to cells.
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