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Meet the formula bar
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Formula bar split handle
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Figure 2-15 The formula bar displays the contents of the active cell.
When you press Enter, Excel finishes the action in the active cell and moves the
selection down one cell. You can change this behavior by clicking the File tab, clicking
Options, and clicking the Advanced category. If you clear the After Pressing Enter,
Move Selection check box, the active cell does not change after you press Enter. Or
leave the option selected and choose a different direction (Up, Right, or Left) from the
drop-down list.
You can drag the formula bar split handle to the left to make more room for formulas, or
to the right to increase the size of the Name box; double-click it to return to the default
position. Clicking the Insert Function button displays a dialog box that helps you construct
formulas. For information about creating formulas and using the Insert Function dialog box,
see Chapter 12, “Building formulas.”
By default, Excel displays the formula bar in your workspace. If you prefer to hide the
formula bar, click the View tab and clear the Formula Bar check box in the Show group.
To redisplay the formula bar, simply reverse this process.
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