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Meet the formula bar
Excel allows you to expand and contract the formula bar to display or hide long formulas.
The formula bar split handle helps a bit, but for really long formulas the formula bar is
vertically expandable, as shown in Figure 2-16.
When you select a cell containing a long formula, you see only part of the formula in the
formula bar. If there is more of the formula to be seen, Excel displays a set of up and down
arrows at the right end of the formula bar that you can use to scroll through the formula
one line at a time. At the far right end of the formula bar is the Expand Formula Bar button
(down arrow), which when clicked expands the formula bar as shown in Figure 2-16. If you
need to see more, drag the bottom border of the formula bar as far as you need to. (This
particular 100-cell formula is good for illustrating the expanding formula bar, but failure to
use the SUM function in this situation might get you drummed out of the Sensible
Formulas Guild.) The next time you click the Expand Formula Bar arrow, the bar expands to the
last size you specified.
Figure 2-16 The formula bar expands and contracts to show or hide long formulas.
To return the formula bar to its regular size, click the Collapse Formula Bar button. (The
Expand Formula Bar button changes its name when the formula bar is expanded.) Note
that in the bottom screen shot in Figure 2-16, the pointer turns into a double-headed
arrow when you position it over the lower border of the formula bar. You can also drag this
border to expand the formula bar.
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