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Using the Euro Currency Tools add-in
The From and To boxes in the Currency Conversion area select the European Union
member currency of the source range and destination range, respectively.
You use the Output Format list to select a format for the resulting values: the
corresponding currency format; the International Standardization Organization (ISO)
format, which uses the appropriate three-letter ISO code instead of currency symbols;
or None, if you prefer unformatted numbers.
Clicking the Advanced button displays the Advanced Euro Options dialog box, which
contains the following options:
Convert To Values Only Converts all numbers and formulas in the source range to
raw values, which is the default option.
Prompt To Convert Formulas Displays a dialog box during the conversion process
in which you can specify conversion options for each formula, including three that
are not available in the Advanced Euro Options dialog box. You can copy the
original formula instead of creating a conversion formula in the destination cell, you can
choose to leave the cell blank, or you can edit each formula individually.
Link New Formulas To Original Data Pastes formulas instead of values in the
destination range for any corresponding source range cells that contain formulas. These
new formulas use the EUROCONVERT function with the same references used in the
source formulas, creating conversion formulas that update dynamically.
Output Full Precision Controls the rounding of numbers. Usually, based on
European Union rules, Excel calculates converted currency values with a rounding factor
that uses six significant digits of precision. To suppress this rounding factor, select the
Output Full Precision check box.
Set Triangulation Precision To Determines the number of significant digits of
precision, from 3 through 15, to be used in the intermediate calculations (which are
performed in euros) when converting between two European Union member currencies.
The membership of the European Union is subject to change. If a member country’s
currency isn’t available in any of the Euro Currency Tools, visit the Microsoft Office
Update website ( ), or click the Help button to look for an updated
version of the add-in.
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