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Chapter 17: Functions for analyzing statistics
Functions for analyzing statistics
Analyzing distributions of data ....................601
Understanding linear and exponential regression ....608
Using the Analysis Toolpak data analysis tools .......616
MICROSOFT E XCEL provides a wide range of features that can help you perform
statistical analyses of your data. A number of functions that assist in simple analysis
tasks—such as AVERAGE, MEDIAN, and MODE—are built into the program. If
the built-in statistical functions aren’t enough, you can turn to the Analysis Toolpak, an
add-in that provides a collection of tools that augment the built-in analytical capabilities of
Excel. You can use these tools to create histograms and rank-and-percentile tables, extract
samples from a data set, perform regression analysis, generate special random-number sets,
apply Fourier and other transformations to your data, and more. In this chapter, we explore
the most important statistical-analysis functions that are built into Excel, as well as those
included with the Analysis Toolpak.
Analyzing distributions of data
In statistics, a collection of measurements is called a distribution . Excel has several methods
you can use to analyze distributions: built-in statistical functions, the sample and
population statistical functions, and the rank-and-percentile functions together with the Rank And
Percentile tool.
You can also analyze distributions using the Descriptive Statistics and Histogram tools,
both of which are included in the Analysis Toolpak add-in. For more information, see
“Using the Analysis Toolpak data analysis tools” later in this chapter.
Using built-in statistical functions
You use the built-in statistical functions to analyze a group (or population) of
measurements. In the following sections, the discussion is limited to the most commonly used
statistical functions. To quickly access these functions, click the More Functions button on
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