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Facts about the status bar
Functions are the Clydesdales of Excel—they do most of the heavy work. To learn all
about them, see Chapter 13, “Using functions.”
Facts about the status bar
The status bar, located at the bottom of the Excel window, displays information about
what’s happening in your workspace. For example, most of the time, Excel displays the word
Ready at the left end of the status bar. When you type, the status bar displays the word
Enter ; when you double-click a cell that contains data, the status bar displays the word Edit .
Several items appear at the right end of the status bar: a few buttons, a slider, and a
display area for various purposes—including summary information, keyboard modes, page
numbers, and much more—any of which you can turn on or off. Right-click the status bar
anywhere to show the Customize Status Bar shortcut menu filled with options, as shown in
Figure 2-17.
Zoom controls
Record Macro Normal view
Mode indicator Page Layout view
Page Break Preview
Figure 2-17 You have numerous options for displaying information on the status bar.
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