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Calculating linear regression
INSIDE OUT A real (estate) regression application
One often-used regression model is sometimes known as the Competitive Market
Analysis (CMA). Realtors use CMAs to arrive at an estimated selling price for a home, basing
the price on historical sales data for comparable homes in the area. Here is a sample
Excel-based version of this tool, called the Home Price Estimator:
This is a simple application that uses the LINEST function to analyze the statistics in the
Input Data area and generate an array of results based on similar statistics you enter in
the What You Want area. The LINEST array is actually located in hidden rows below the
visible area of the worksheet, as shown next. The first row of values in the LINEST data
array is used by the Estimated Price formula to extrapolate an estimated value. Usually
in this workbook, row and column headings are hidden, rows 25 through 37 are
hidden, worksheet protection is turned on, and cells are locked with data entry allowed
only in the designated input areas.
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