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Facts about the status bar
All the commands on the Customize Status Bar menu with check marks adjacent to them
are turned on by default. Most of the commands on this menu control the display of
different types of information, depending on what is selected. Cell Mode refers to the
aforementioned Ready/Enter/Edit indicators when working in cells. The icon that looks like a
worksheet with a dot, shown in Figure 2-17 on the left side of the status bar, is a record
button for macros. The Macro Recording command controls its display. (If any macros are
available, a Play arrow appears next to the icon, the display of which is controlled by the
Macro Playback command.) The last three commands on the menu control the display of
items on the right end of the status bar. View Shortcuts turns on or off the display of the
three buttons (Normal View, Page Layout View, and Page Break Preview) visible next to the
Zoom percentage and the Zoom slider, which also have corresponding commands
controlling their display. Drag the Zoom slider to change the percentage, or click the percentage
indicator to display the Zoom dialog box for more precision.
For more information about keyboard modes, see “Navigating regions with the keyboard” in
Chapter 6. For more about views, see Chapter 11, “Printing and presenting.” For more about
macros, see Chapter 28, “Recording macros.”
Quick totals on the status bar
When you select two or more cells that contain values, Excel displays summary
information using those values on the status bar:
This is the AutoCalculate feature. The status bar normally displays the sum and average
of the selected values, as well as the number of cells selected that contain any kind of
data (blank cells are ignored). As you can see in Figure 2-17, additional AutoCalculate
options are available, including Minimum and Maximum values in selected cells and
Numerical Count, which counts only cells containing numbers and ignores cells
containing text.
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