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Using the Rank And Percentile tool
The Rank And Percentile tool not only performs these tasks for you but also creates
percentile figures for each value in your input range. To use this tool, click the Data Analysis
button on the Data tab, select Rank And Percentile, and then click OK. Figure 17-12 shows the
Rank And Percentile dialog box.
Figure 17-12 Use the Rank And Percentile tool to generate an output table like the one shown
in the lower figure.
If the Data Analysis button does not appear on the Data tab, see “Installing the Analysis
Toolpak” earlier in this chapter.
Here’s how to read the output of the Rank And Percentile tool, shown at the bottom of
Figure 17-12. The first row of the output table (F2:I2) tells us that the 285th item in the input
range is a total score of 1,206, which ranks first and is better than 100 percent of the other
scores. Here are some hints to remember when using the Rank And Percentile tool:
It’s best to select the Labels In First Row check box in the Rank And Percentile dialog
box and then include the column heading in the input range. This way, the second
column in the output table uses the same label, as shown in Figure 17-12. If you do
not include the label in the input range, the output column is labeled Column1.
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