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Defining scenarios
Figure 18-10 Here we entered the references of the changing cells individually by
selecting cells and ranges, separating each reference from the next with a comma.
The Prevent Changes check box in the Add Scenario dialog box is selected by
default. As you might expect, it protects the selected scenario from modification,
but only after you click Protect Worksheet on the Review tab. Similarly,
clicking the Hide check box removes the selected scenario from the list of scenarios
offered in the Scenario Manager dialog box, but only if worksheet protection has
been activated.
5. Click OK to create the first Starting Values scenario. The Scenario Values dialog box
appears, displaying a box for each changing cell. If you named the changing cells,
the names appear adjacent to the boxes, as shown in Figure 18-11; otherwise, the
references of the changing cells appear.
To complete a scenario, edit these values; however, for this example, leave the values
as they are, and just click OK.
Figure 18-11 Because we previously named each changing cell, the names appear in the
Scenario Values dialog box.
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