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Creating scenario reports
Notice also that outlining symbols appear above and to the left of the summary report,
allowing you to show and hide details. As you can see in Figure 18-17, clicking the outline
plus sign symbol displays hidden data—the contents of the Comment box in the Scenario
Manager dialog box, including the creation and modification dates of each scenario.
For information about working with worksheet outlines, see “Outlining worksheets” in
Chapter 8.
Figure 18-17 Click the plus sign icon adjacent to row 3 to display comments entered in the
Scenario Manager dialog box, which are hidden in row 4 of the Scenario Summary report.
The Scenario PivotTable report
Like the Scenario Summary report, the Scenario PivotTable report is created as a new
worksheet in your workbook. However, PivotTables are what-if tools in their own right that allow
you to use direct mouse-manipulation techniques to mix and match different scenarios in
the report and watch the effects on result cells. Figure 18-18 shows a Scenario PivotTable
report created from a version of the Revenue Scenarios workbook.
For information about how to use PivotTables, see Chapter 23.
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