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Using the Goal Seek command
in the mortgage problem shown in Figure 18-19, a $500,000 mortgage would require
monthly payments in excess of the $2,000 target.
Figure 18-19 Use the Goal Seek command to find the maximum mortgage you can borrow if
you want to keep your payments under a certain limit.
Here’s how to perform goal seeking on this problem:
Select the formula cell—in this case, B4—to make it the active cell.
On the Data tab, click the What-If Analysis button and then click Goal Seek to display
the Goal Seek dialog box shown in Figure 18-20.
Figure 18-20 To use goal seeking, complete the Goal Seek dialog box.
3. Accept the value in the Set Cell box (making sure it specifies the cell containing the
formula). By default, Excel enters the cell you selected before clicking What-If Analysis
on the Data tab. In the To Value box, type the maximum value you want as the result
of the formula—in this case, –2000 . (You type a negative number because payments
represent cash spent rather than received.)
In the By Changing Cell box, type the reference or click the cell on the worksheet
whose value is unknown—in this case, cell B1 (the Principal value). Alternatively, if
you assigned a name, such as Principal, to the changing cell, you can type that name
in the By Changing Cell box.
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