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Stating the objective
On the Data tab, click the Solver button to display the dialog box shown in Figure 18-23. To
complete this dialog box, you must give the Solver three sets of information: your objective
(minimizing total expenditure); your variable cells (the number of advertisements you will
place in each publication); and your constraints (the conditions summarized at the bottom
of the worksheet in Figure 18-22).
Figure 18-23 Use the Solver Parameters dialog box to set up your problem.
Stating the objective
In the Set Objective box, you indicate the goal that you want Solver to achieve. In this
example, you want to minimize your total cost—the value in cell E8—so you specify your
objective by typing E8 in the Set Objective box (or by clicking the cell). In this example,
because you want the Solver to set your objective to its lowest possible value, also select
the Min option.
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