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Specifying variable cells
clicking OK (or by clicking Cancel). You also have the option of assigning the solution values
to a named scenario.
Figure 18-26 When the Solver succeeds, it presents the Solver Results dialog box.
Specifying integer constraints
Notice that in Figure 18-26, the Solver arrived at 53.3 for the number of ads placed in Pub4.
Unfortunately, because it’s not possible to run three-tenths of an advertisement, the
solution isn’t practical.
To stipulate that your ad-placement variables be restricted to whole numbers, start the
Solver and click the Add button in the Solver Parameters dialog box. In the Add Constraint
dialog box, select the cell reference that holds your ad placement numbers—D2:D7. Click
the list in the middle of the dialog box, and select int . The Solver inserts the word integer in
the Constraint box, as shown in Figure 18-27. Click OK to return to the Solver Parameters
dialog box.
Figure 18-27 To specify an integer constraint, select the item labeled int.
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