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Other Solver options
lower the precision is. If you specify a setting that is less than the default 0.000001, it
results in a longer solution time.
The Max Time and Iterations boxes tell the Solver, in effect, how hard to work on the
solution. If the Solver reaches either the time limit or the number of iterations limit
before finding a solution, calculation stops, and Excel asks you whether you want to
continue. The default settings are usually sufficient for solving most problems, but if
you don’t reach a solution with these settings, you can try adjusting them.
The Integer Optimality (%) setting represents a percentage of error allowed for the
solution of integer-only constraints.
Figure 18-28 Fine-tune your optimization problems using the Solver Options dialog box.
This section only scratches the surface of optimization theory. There is extensive reading
available on the subject. For evidence, type nonlinear optimization into your browser’s
Search box and scan the results. You can also click the Help button at the bottom of the
Solver Parameters dialog box to display the Excel Help topic on the Solver.
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