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Saving and reusing the Solver parameters
Saving and reusing the Solver parameters
If you save a workbook after using the Solver, Excel saves all the values you typed in the
Solver dialog boxes along with your worksheet data. You do not need to retype the
parameters of the problem if you want to continue working with it during a later Excel session.
Each worksheet in a workbook can store one set of Solver parameter values. To store more
than one set of Solver parameters with a given worksheet, you must use the Save Model
option. To use this option, follow these steps:
Click the Solver button on the Data tab.
Click the Load/Save button. Excel prompts you for a cell or range in which to store
the Solver parameters on the worksheet.
Specify a blank cell by clicking it or typing its reference, and then click Save. The
Solver pastes the model beginning at the indicated cell and inserts formulas in as
many of the cells below it as necessary. (Be sure that the cells below the indicated cell
do not contain data.)
To reuse the saved parameters, click Load/Save in the Solver Parameters dialog box,
specify the range in which you stored the Solver parameters, and then click Load.
You’ll find it easiest to save and reuse Solver parameters if you assign a name to each
savemodel range immediately after you use the Save Model option. You can then specify that
name when you use the Load Model option.
For more information about naming, see “Naming cells and cell ranges” in Chapter 12.
Assigning the Solver results to named scenarios
An even better way to save your Solver parameters is to save them as named scenarios
using the Scenario Manager. As you might have noticed, the Solver Results dialog box
includes a Save Scenario button (shown in Figure 18-26). Click this button to assign a
scenario name to the current values of your variable cells. This option provides an excellent
way to explore and perform further what-if analyses on a variety of possible outcomes.
For more information about scenarios, see “Using the Scenario Manager” earlier in this
Generating reports
In addition to inserting optimal values in your problem’s variable cells, the Solver can
summarize its results in three reports: Sensitivity, Answer, and Limits. To generate one or more
reports, select the names of the reports in the Solver Results dialog box. Select the reports
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