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Saving and reusing the Solver parameters
The Solver can’t solve my problem
The Solver is powerful but not miraculous. It might not be able to solve every problem
you give it. This is not always because the problem cannot be solved; sometimes it is
because you need to provide better starting parameters. If the Solver can’t find the
optimal solution to your problem, it presents an unsuccessful completion message in
the Solver Results dialog box. The most common unsuccessful completion messages
are the following:
Solver could not find a feasible solution The Solver is unable to find a
solution that satisfies all your constraints. This can happen if the constraints are
logically conflicting or if not all the constraints can be satisfied (for example, if you
insist that your advertising campaign reach 800 million readers on a $1 million
budget). In some cases, the Solver also returns this message if the starting values
of your variable cells are too far from their optimal values. If you think your
constraints are logically consistent and your problem is solvable, try changing your
starting values and rerunning the Solver.
The maximum iteration limit was reached; continue anyway? To avoid
tying up your computer indefinitely with an unsolvable problem, the Solver is
designed to pause and present this message after it has performed its default
number of iterations without arriving at a solution. If you see this message, you
can resume the search for a solution by clicking Continue, or you can quit by
clicking Stop. If you click Continue, the Solver begins solving again and does not
stop until it finds a solution, gives up, or reaches its maximum time limit. If your
problems frequently exceed the iteration limit, you can increase the default
iteration setting by clicking the Solver button on the Data tab, clicking the Options
button, and typing a new value in the Iterations box.
The maximum time limit was reached; continue anyway? This message is
similar to the iteration-limit message. The Solver is designed to pause after a default
time period has elapsed. You can increase this default by choosing the Solver
command, clicking Options, and modifying the Max Time value.
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