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Changing the chart type
Changing the chart type
If you didn’t get the chart type you were expecting, select the chart and click Change Chart
Type on the Design tab of the ribbon. The Change Chart Type dialog box, shown next,
provides access to all the chart types that Excel can create.
The row of buttons across the top of this dialog box represent subtypes of the selected
type; in the figure just shown, for example, the button on the left end of that row offers
clustered-column options; the next one to the right presents stacked columns, and so
on. Hover your mouse over any of the charts shown in the main part of the dialog box to
obtain a magnified view.
Using a combo chart type
A combo chart is one in which one or more data series are plotted in a chart type different
from that of the remaining series. Combo charts are particularly useful when one of the
series is qualitatively different from the others. In the following clustered column chart, for
example, the series labeled Average is different in kind from the other series, each of which
represents an individual person:
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