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Adding, editing, and removing a chart title
Adding, editing, and removing a chart title
If your chart doesn’t already have a title, you can add one by selecting the chart and doing
either of the following:
Click the Chart Elements button next to the upper right corner of your chart, and
then select the Chart Title check box. Excel displays a title with default text, centered
above the plot area. To display the title near the top of the chart but within the plot
area, click the arrow that appears when you hover the mouse over Chart Title in the
Chart Elements list, and then choose Centered Overlay on the submenu that appears.
Click the Design tab, click Add Chart Element, click Chart Title, and then select either
Above Chart or Centered Overlay. Excel displays a title with default text, in the
position you selected.
If you selected Above Chart, Excel positions the title above the plot area, in some cases
shrinking the plot area just enough to make room for the title. If you selected Centered
Overlay, Excel centers the title near the top of the chart without adjusting the plot area. This
option gives you a little more room for your vertical axis, gridlines, and chart markers, but
in some cases it might make the title or the markers hard to read. The title is a floating text
object in any case; you can select it and drag it anywhere within the chart area.
To edit a chart title, select it and type. When you press Enter, your text replaces the current
title. To use the value of a worksheet cell as the title, type an equal sign, point to the cell,
and press Enter. If that’s awkward to do—for example, if the text you want to cite is not in
sight—type a worksheet-qualified reference to the cell in question. To grab the text from
cell A4 on Sheet1, for example, you could type =sheet1!A4 . Note that the formula must
include the sheet name, even if the text is on the same sheet as the chart.
To make the title text bold or italic, you can select the title and press Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I. For
more elaborate font changes—for example, to choose a different typeface or size—select
the title, right-click, and then choose Font from the shortcut menu.
To change the appearance of individual words or characters in a title, select the title and
then click within the title to get an insertion point. Select the text you want to format, and
then choose Font. (To select a particular word, double-click that word.) If for any reason
you’re having trouble getting the insertion point, right-click the title and choose Edit Text.
Excel will automatically break a long title into two centered lines. If you don’t like where the
break comes, or if you want to break a short title into multiple lines, position the insertion
pointer where you want a line break and then press Shift+Enter.
To delete a title, simply select it and press the Delete key.
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