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Saving files
If you use the same folder most of the time, you can specify that folder as the default
location that the Open, Save, and Save As dialog boxes use when you first open them.
Click the File tab, click Options, select the Save category, and type the full path and file
name for the folder you want to use in the Default Local File Location text box.
The Save As screen offers another set of choices, including SkyDrive and your computer.
The most recent folders used in the location selected on the left are shown on the right. If
the one you want is not listed, click the Browse button, which displays the Save As dialog
box, as shown in Figure 2-24.
Figure 2-24 When you select a destination or click Browse, the Save As dialog box appears,
which you can use to specify a date or date range, if desired.
The Save As dialog box (along with other dialog boxes that are provided by the operating
system, including Save and Open) has a sophisticated file interface that includes a number
of useful features, such as the ability to find files by using a date range you specify using
a calendar, as shown in Figure 2-24. For details, click the Help button (the question mark
icon) in the Save As dialog box to display the corresponding Windows Help file.
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