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Changing the scale of a category axis
To convert a date-scaled category axis to a text-based one, display the Format Axis task
pane (double-click the axis to get there) and choose Text Axis.
Changing the beginning and end points on a date axis
By default, Excel makes your earliest time value the minimum point on the scale and the
latest time value the maximum. By specifying different values for those boundary
parameters, you can zoom in on a subset of your data. For example, if your chart plots monthly
information from January through December, you can focus on the third quarter by
changing the Minimum value to 7/1 of the year in question and the Maximum value to 9/30.
Furthermore, if you want to stress that the future is unknown, you can extend the maximum to
a date beyond the date of your last data point. Excel then compresses the plot into the left
side of the chart, leaving space on the right.
To change the end points of a time-scaled chart, use the Bounds section of the Format Axis
task pane:
The Major setting under Units determines the spacing of major tick marks, axis labels, and
major gridlines. To move labels and gridlines farther apart, increase the Major value. The
Minor setting under Units determines the spacing of minor tick marks and minor gridlines.
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