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Filtering chart data
Figure 19-7 When you select the chart area, Excel outlines the source data on your worksheet.
You can drag a ill handle to alter the source range.
To extend the chart so that it includes the data in rows 750 through 755, drag the ill
handle in the bottom right corner of either rectangle. Be sure to drag the ill handle, not
the bottom of the rectangle, if you intend to add data. Dragging the edge of the rectangle
moves the data selection without changing its size. Dragging the bottom down five rows in
Figure 19-7, for example, would move both the start date and the end date forward.
Filtering chart data
The Filter button to the right of a chart provides an easy way to suppress the display of
particular series or categories items on that chart. In Figure 19-8, for example, you can remove
certain cities or years from the chart by clearing their associated check boxes. The Filter
button also gives you an easy way to focus attention on a particular element of the chart
without actually changing the chart. When you hover the mouse over an item, as we have
hovered over Bloomington in the figure, Excel displays the rest of the chart in pale colors
so that your attention is drawn to a particular data series. As soon as you move your mouse
from the item you’re hovering over, the chart resumes its normal appearance.
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