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Adding moving averages and other trendlines
You can also plot noncontiguous data by pressing Ctrl and selecting the rows or columns
you want to plot. In this example, you could hold down Ctrl, select rows 1, 3, and 5, and
then click the appropriate command in the Charts group on the Insert tab. If you use this
method, be sure to include the header row (row 1 in this example) in your selection so that
Excel can provide appropriate labels for your chart series.
Changing the way Excel plots empty and hidden cells
Excel ordinarily plots empty cells as gaps—that is, it doesn’t plot them. It also omits cells in
hidden rows and columns. As Figure 19-9 shows, you can change both defaults if you want.
The alternatives for empty cells are to plot them as zeros or to ill the gap with a straight
line. The latter option is available only in line and X Y (scatter) charts.
Figure 19-9 By default, Excel omits missing data in a source range and ignores data in hidden
rows and columns.
Hidden and empty cell settings are chart-specific. To modify the behavior for a particular
chart, right-click the chart and click Select Data. Then click Hidden And Empty Cells.
Adding moving averages and other trendlines
A trendline is a line that describes the general tendency of a data series. It can be a
moving average, linear-regression line, or line generated by one of various kinds of nonlinear,
curve-fitting methods.
To plot a trendline for a particular series, click on any chart marker for the series and then
click the Chart Elements button. If you select the Trendline check box, Excel will use the
default trendline type. To see additional options, click the arrow to the right of Trendline.
The submenu will offer Linear, Exponential, Two Period Moving Average, and More Options.
Clicking More Options opens the Format Trendline task pane, shown in Figure 19-10. (If you
don’t see the set of options shown in Figure 19-10, click the third button beneath the
heading Trendline Options.)
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