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Selecting chart elements
don’t like what the gallery offers, experiment with the Change Colors command, just to
the left of the gallery on the ribbon.) Even if you don’t find exactly what you want in the
gallery, it will at least give you a sense of the styling possibilities and might give you a
jumping-off point from which you can refine your stylistic preferences.
Selecting chart elements
Just as creating a chart begins with selecting data, applying formatting begins with
selecting a chart element—the title, series, area, legend, or whatever you want to format. An
Excel chart consists of many separate elements, each of which can be formatted
independently. You can see the names of all these components by selecting the chart, clicking
the Format tab, and then opening the Chart Objects list, the drop-down list that appears
directly under the left corner of the ribbon. Figure 20-1 shows what the Chart Objects list
might look like for a three-dimensional area chart.
Figure 20-1 The Chart Objects list enumerates the elements of the current chart that you can
You can format an object by selecting it in the Chart Objects list and then clicking Format
Selection, the command directly beneath the Chart Objects list on the left side of the
ribbon. Alternatively, and more simply, you can just double-click the part of the chart you
want to format. Or you can right-click the object and choose the formatting command that
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