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Repositioning chart elements with the mouse
(You can also delete them.) Series lines in line charts have a couple of additional options.
You can add arrowheads to their beginnings and endings, and you can smooth the lines so
that the series becomes a sequence of curves instead of straight line segments. As Figure
20-2 shows, a smoothed line, with or without an arrowhead, can emphasize direction while
playing down the exact positions of intermediate data points.
Figure 20-2 In addition to the formatting options available for other kinds of lines, a series line
can be smoothed and capped with an arrowhead.
To format a line, or to add a border to an object that doesn’t currently have one, begin by
displaying the object’s formatting task pane. As mentioned, often the simplest way to do
that is to double-click the object you’re interested in. To add a border to a chart title, for
example, you can start by double-clicking the title. (Alternatively, right-click the title and
choose Format Chart Title.)
As Figure 20-3 shows, a formatting task pane is a tabbed dialog box, offering several sets
of options under various textual and iconic headings. In the case of the Format Chart Title
task pane, for example, the headings appear directly under the main heading. The one you
want is the one on the left labeled Title Options, not the one that says Text Options. Directly
below are some iconic headings. Again, to perform line formatting, the one you want is on
the left—the icon that looks like a tipped paint bucket, whose formal name (which appears
as a ScreenTip if you hover the mouse over it) is Fill & Line.
The word Automatic in formatting task panes, as elsewhere in Excel, is equivalent to
default . It means, “Let Excel decide.” In the Border section of the Format Chart Title task
pane, shown in Figure 20-3, the Automatic choice is equivalent to No Line, because Excel,
by default, does not draw a border around chart titles. (Don’t let the redundancy get on
your nerves; there are contexts in which the effect of Automatic varies depending on
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