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Repositioning chart elements with the mouse
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Figure 20-3 The various formatting task panes in Excel cram a lot of options into a compact
space; click headings at the top of the pane to get to the options you need.
If you want a border for a title, you can choose Solid Line or Gradient Line. Solid here does
not mean “unbroken”; it means “of a single color.” The Gradient Line option—more
commonly used for areas than for lines—lets you apply multiple colors with smooth transitions.
The procedures for creating gradient lines are essentially the same as for areas; for more
information about creating gradients, see “Filling an area with a color gradient” later in this
The options most likely to be of interest for line formatting include Color, Width,
Compound Type, and Dash Type. As the following illustrations show, the Compound Type
dropdown list offers four alternatives to a simple line, and the Dash Type drop-down list lets you
chop your line in seven different fashions. Regardless of what you select or don’t select in
these two drop-down lists, you can vary the weight of your line via the Width drop-down
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