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Changing the interval between axis labels
For more precise control, double-click the axis labels to display the Format Axis task pane.
Click the Size And Properties icon (the third icon from the left under the heading Axis
Options), and specify an angle in the Custom Angle text box:
To make your labels angle in from the left, as they are shown in the figure here, specify a
negative angle. To make them come in from the other side, specify a positive angle. Note
that the Text Direction box might say Horizontal even for angled labels like the one shown
in this figure. That is a small bug that you can easily ignore.
Changing the interval between axis labels
Occasionally, Excel crams labels together in unsightly ways. In Figure 20-7, for example,
the labels along the depth axis overlap one another pointlessly. Making the chart larger
will alleviate the crowding, of course, but if that’s not convenient, you can simply ask Excel
to display fewer labels. In this example, it’s clear that the labels represent a sequence of
months from January to December, so displaying every other or every third label would be
adequate. To suppress some of the labels, double-click the axis, click the fourth icon in the
array of icons under the heading Axis Options, expand the Labels heading, and then specify
a number other than 1 in the Specify Interval Unit text box.
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