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Changing the numeric format used by axis labels
Changing the numeric format used by axis labels
When you first create a chart, Excel links the numeric format of your value-axis labels to
that of the source data. Create a chart from data with the Currency format, for example,
and Excel applies the Currency format to the labels on your value axis. Change the format
of the source data, and the labels stay in step.
You can override this linkage by applying a specific numeric format to your axis labels. To
do this, double-click the axis, click the Axis Options icon (the fourth icon under the heading
Axis Options in the Format Axis task pane), open the Category drop-down list (under the
heading Number), and choose the format you want. Additional options might appear when
you do this. For example, if you choose the Currency format, the task pane will expand to
give you options regarding the currency symbol, number of decimal places, and handling
of negative values.
After you explicitly format your axis labels, Excel no longer copies formatting changes from
the source data to the chart. To relink the format of your axis labels with that of the source
data, revisit the task pane and select the Linked To Source check box.
Adding arrows, shapes, and text
The Insert Shapes group on the Format tab offers arrows and shapes you can deploy to
annotate your charts. Here you’ll also find a Text Box tool you can use for adding free text
remarks. All of these features work the same way in charts as they do on the worksheet
grid; for details, see Chapter 10.
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