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Creating sparklines
Creating sparklines
To create a sparkline, select the cell where you want the sparkline to appear and then click
the Insert tab. The Sparklines group appears, more or less in the center of the Insert tab:
Choose a chart type from the three offerings here, and then ill out the ensuing dialog box:
In the Data Range field, point to the cell or cells whose data you want to plot; in the
Location Range field, enter the location of the new sparkline.
The first two options, Line and Column, are self-explanatory. The third choice might not be
obvious. A Win/Loss sparkline is a special kind of column chart in which all negative values
extend the same distance below the axis, all positive values extend the same distance above
the axis, and zero values are not plotted. Figure 21-2 shows an example of a Win/Loss
Figure 21-2 A Win/Loss sparkline uses column markers to distinguish positive and negative
values, without regard to their magnitude.
You can use a Win/Loss sparkline to show which divisions or time periods generated profit
and which did not, to depict a sports team’s won-lost record through the course of a
season, and to present other data sets in which the direction of an outcome is more important
than its magnitude.
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