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Saving files
The Compatibility Checker lets you know exactly what is causing the problem, so you can
click Cancel and rework your worksheet using a different approach or save it anyway.
Clicking the Copy To New Sheet button adds a new worksheet to the current workbook titled
Compatibility Report, containing a copy of the information displayed in the dialog box—
sort of a compatibility paper trail. If you clear the Check Compatibility When Saving This
Workbook check box, this dialog box no longer opens when you save the current
workbook. You might prefer this if you plan to repeatedly edit and save without updating the
workbook to the new file format.
Figure 2-26 The Compatibility Checker opens when you try to save an old-format workbook
containing features not supported by the older version of Excel.
But fear not, you can always look for problems at your convenience. Click the File tab, click
the Info command, click Inspect Workbook, and click Check Compatibility to display the
same dialog box shown in Figure 2-26.
INSIDE OUT What doesn’t work in Compatibility mode?
When Compatibility mode is on, Excel disables a number of features that produce
results that cannot be transferred to older versions of Excel. You can still click disabled
commands, but when you do, Excel displays a ScreenTip explaining why you can’t use
them. For example, sparklines were introduced in Excel 2010. If you are working on a
workbook saved as an Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls), Excel displays a ScreenTip when
you hover the pointer over one of the sparklines buttons:
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