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Customizing sparklines
Customizing sparklines
When you select one or more cells that contain sparklines, Excel displays a new Design tab
under the heading Sparkline Tools:
You can use this tab to customize the color (and, in the case of line sparklines, the weight)
of chart markers, to emphasize particular points in a sparkline, to switch a sparkline from
one chart type to another, and to modify a sparkline’s axes.
Changing the sparkline color and weight
You can change the color of a sparkline by choosing from the gallery in the Style group:
Click here to expand
the gallery
If you don’t find the color you want, click Sparkline Color and choose from the array of
theme colors and standard colors that appears. If those options still don’t meet your needs,
click Sparkline Color and then click More Colors. To change the weight of a line sparkline—
that is, to make the line thicker or thinner—click Sparkline Color and then Weight.
Emphasizing particular points
You can use the check boxes in the Show group to draw attention to particular points in a
sparkline—the highest or lowest point, the first or last point, or any points with negative
values. If you select High Point, for example, Excel plants a marker on the high point of a
line sparkline or uses a contrasting color to draw the highest column in a column sparkline.
You can select as many or as few of the check boxes in the Show group as you need or
want to, and you can use the Marker Color drop-down list to tailor the colors of various
marker types individually.
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