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Customizing axes
Note that if your sparkline’s data range lies entirely above or below zero and you use
default scaling for the vertical axis, you will not see a horizontal axis even if you choose
Show Axis. To adjust the default vertical-axis scaling, see the following section.
Setting minimum and maximum values for the vertical axis
By default, Excel scales a sparkline’s vertical axis so that the minimum and maximum values
are just below and above the data range. These default scale settings are called Automatic
and are designed to make the sparkline it snugly within the vertical confines of its cell.
(This scaling behavior differs from the default scaling of independent—that is,
nonsparkline—charts.) In some circumstances, you might want to override the automatic scaling. In
column sparklines, for example, the lowest value might be barely visible if the axis
minimum is set to Automatic:
To change the vertical-axis scaling, click Axis and then choose Custom Value (in either the
Minimum Value or Maximum Value section of the menu).
Plotting a group of sparklines against a common vertical axis
Although formatting attributes for a sparkline within a group are applied to all members
of the group, scaling calculations are performed individually. That enables each sparkline
within a group to it well within its cell. If you prefer to see a set of sparklines plotted along
a common axis, click Axis and then choose Same For All Sparklines (in either the Minimum
Value or Maximum Value section of the menu).
Using a time-scaled horizontal axis
Excel ordinarily plots sparkline points evenly across the horizontal axis. If your data is
associated with dates and the dates are not evenly spaced, you might prefer a time-scaled axis.
With time scaling, points are plotted according to where they fall along the time axis. To
switch from ordinary scaling to time-axis scaling, click Axis and then choose Date Axis Type.
In the ensuing dialog box, specify the range that includes your dates. To cancel time-axis
scaling, return to the same menu and choose General Axis Type.
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