Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Saving files
The backup file is a duplicate file that carries the same name as your original, but the name
is preceded by “Backup of” and has the file name extension .xlk .
Figure 2-28 To display the General Options dialog box, click the File tab, click Save As, and then
click Tools, General Options.
Protecting files
You can password protect your files by using options in the General Options dialog box
shown in Figure 2-28. Select from two types of passwords: Password To Open and Password
To Modify. Passwords can have up to 15 characters, and capitalization matters. Thus, if you
assign the password Secret to a file, you can’t reopen that file by typing SECRET or secret .
Password To Open
Excel prompts you to supply the password before reopening
the file.
Password To Modify Anyone can look at the file, but they need the password to
edit it.
Read-Only Recommended This politely suggests that the user open the file as
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